Justin Baldoni’s Wayfarer Studios Launches Social Distancing-Themed ‘Six Feet Apart Experiment’ Filmmaking Competition

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“This is a time for creatives to adapt and use their genius to create something we haven’t seen before. I’m so excited to see not just what people come up with, but to see people pushing cinema forward in a new way. Over the last hundred years, when the world is in the most pain and turmoil, it’s the creatives who always find ways to bring us hope and lift us up. It doesn’t come from us, but through us, and I believe deeply that this virus as terrible and devastating as it has been for millions and millions of people around the world also presents an opportunity to create a new normal. To push our civilization and industries forward. And what better way to see what’s possible in cinema than to reach out to the undiscovered voices in our country and give them the chance to have their voices heard and create.

–Justin Baldoni, Wayfarer Studios